Come Here Go Far

by The Cardinal Health

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Castaways 03:38
The people marched without fear. Into cubicles and calendars. Piled through the roofs of minivans, From the gulf coast to Lake Michigan. “Keep your seatbelts fastened” the pilot says, “here comes the turbulence.” The passengers are all used to it. There’s not a damn thing they can do, just shut their mouth and close their eyes and let the pilot fly. We travel together but keep to ourselves. Castaways lookin’ for a better place. We are the sailors in the lifeboats, the ship sank far off coast. With our hands and hearts we row, please take us home The water held us up and we fought to stay dry. We fought for our lives Now the current washes in with the low tide.
I reached in my pocket and toyed with an old movie stub I’d been saving since 2001. The title had faded, the wear and the folds reminded me of pavement. Seeing her that day made me wish I could throw it away. But I’d had it so long, I needed it in me. I drank it with whiskey! There’s paper and ink in my drink, tonight. When I walked into the bar the waitress approached me. She said “What’ll you have sir?” I said “Gimmie whiskey.” She said “What kind would you like sir? We’ve got Jack and Jim Beam Knob Creek and the Gentleman, We’ve got the Wild Turkey. We’ve got Makers Mark on the top shelf, Old Crow in the well below. Please pick your poison sir, just let me know.” I sat there at my table, and I drew a breath of smoke And with little hesitation I spoke. I said “Gimmie the first three.”
James hides his hangovers well. Well he has them so often, most days you can’t tell. In his cube at the office hangs his college degree. From the school where he learned to drink. Down the hall at the front desk, Janice answers phones. Oh she seems so content; you’d never know that at least once a day she cries on her break. They promise that promotion is still on its way, until then at the front desk she stays. So here we go this is our secret. Here’s what we do in our free time. Lots of drugs lots of drinking. On the weekends we’re fucked. So don’t tell our neighbors or bosses, don’t tell our kids or our spouses. This isn’t real this is fight club. Chris was an artist in school, now he wears long sleeve shirts to hide his tattoos. He works software all day, and gets high every night. Now for Chris the world’s more black and white. Mr. Martin’s the boss, and his office is large. He’s got tall wooden shelves that hold his awards. New hires are told, they’ll be him when they’re old but he knows that they’ll never run this company he built. And his paycheck weighs more than his guilt. We spent four years on expensive coasters, now we rest our drinks on useless diplomas.
Lightning 03:29
Come out! Come out! Shake to the Lightning! Gotta shake, shake, shake! Shake to the Lightning! Right now my bones are breaking, my heart’s in pain. And I got this rhythm in my head that will not change. You gotta dance thru the fear. Dodge the stares and just do what you feel. Move past the anger. Believe you can be faster than danger. The spiders and creeps won’t hold us in our sheets. In a room full of strangers, be the one that’s faster than danger
This is the easiest song in the world. It’s three chords and it’s catchy and it’s all about a girl. Almost all the lyrics rhyme, it keeps a steady two four time. This is the easiest song in the world. The girl I love wears flip flops sometimes. And she always orders ketchup with her fries. And when she hears a song she likes she nods her head or taps her feet. But she never does them both at the same time. The girl I love is sweet and kind, she takes her movies back on time But has a heavy library fine. A million years from now when all society is gone there’s a small chance that this song will live on. And when the spaceships land, the Martian commander might be a music fan. And with his tentacles he’ll learn to play along To the earth’s easiest song.


released September 18, 2009


all rights reserved



The Cardinal Health San Antonio, Texas

Fueled By Shiner Bock

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